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Electric Pedals is proud to be pioneering a scheme in the U.K. that aims to realise the many educational benefits of pedalling to generate electricity in schools. The wealth of learning that pedal power can provide is endless and Electric Pedals hopes to inspire young minds of the future with our humble bike and generator.

Electric Pedals have devised a series of workshops which, depending on your needs, can be run as a series or as a one off. We aim for the workshops to be:

• Fun – the students should first and foremost enjoy their time at the workshops
• Engaging – The workshops should ignite interest in students, particularly those that may not normally show an interest in extra curricular activities
• Educational – The workshops should be informative and have learning objectives which complement the National Curriculum.

The workshops are adaptable depending on age group, time restrictions and what you want to learn! Some of the topics we cover are:

• Healthy living
• Electricity & circuits
• Sustainable energy & energy awareness
• Design technology and art

See us in action at Dundonald Primary School.

If you’re interested in having Electric Pedals come to your organisation please get in touch.


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