WORKSHOPS :: Mini Power Station Legacy


Want to start your own bicycle powered initiative? Then look no further….

The Mini Power Station Legacy workshop consists of a number of highly practical sessions where we work closely with a group of up to 20 individuals to build their own bicycle powered cinema or stage. We will guide participants through every step of the build, whilst explaining the function and physics behind each of the components. Upon completion, participants will have the confidence to operate and maintain their own equipment as well as how to run an event safely and successfully, thus continuing the legacy of using bicycle power to educate people about energy.

Main objectives:

  • To build a cycle power cinema or stage
  • To build confidence within a group so they can independently run their own events.
  • To hand over technical knowledge so a group can maintain and enhance their own equipment
  • To produce a manual for future individuals involved with the equipment

We for each session we supply:

  • 2x Technical Staff
  • All bicycle powered equipment
  • Energy efficient peripheral equipment i.e. PA, projectors, DVD player, record player etc.
  • Materials and tools
  • (Bicycles can be provided on request)

You keep:

  • All the bicycle generators built during the sessions
  • The mini-power station
  • All Energy efficient peripheral equipment
  • A bespoke user manual

See here for a sample workshop running order.

Please get in touch to book this workshop.


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