EVENT HIRE :: Pedal powered phone charging

Our pedal powered phone charging station is a great way to get people on board at events by providing a genuinely useful service and empowering people to generate their own energy. Many people can’t bear the thought of being disconnected from their friends and these days a flat battery on your phone is the worst thing that can happen. At a music festivals the need to hook up with friends is ever more pressing but a power source to charge the phone is the one thing most campers don’t have.

There’s a unique opportunity to positively engage people with what’s possible with pedal power. People enjoy the practicality but also get involved in the communal aspect of being part of a team of pedalers with a shared goal. Wherever possible we use the excess energy to power a small portable record player sound system to keep people entertained. There’s nothing better than listening to some classic vinyl while pedaling.

We’ve run this mobile charging station for a number of charities including Friends of the Earth and Mind at various festivals around the country. The bigger the festival, the more concerned people are to stay connected. It’s a great platform to engage people with your organisation and provide them with a lasting positive experience in exchange for a little bit of their time.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in having the people powered phone charging in your local community or at an event.


2 Comments on “EVENT HIRE :: Pedal powered phone charging

  1. Hi Guys
    Have seen you bikes at many events.
    I work for a charity based on the Isle of Wight. We woudl like to buy one of these bikes to use at our events and take around schools.

    Do you sell them too?

    If not where can we buy one from?

    Many thanks


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