Inspired by the pedal powered phone charging disco we started with DJ Lenny at Greenman in 2010, we’ve realised that people of all ages (even the kids!) love 70’s and 80’s disco music and there’s nothing more satisfying than playing these old school tunes using vinyl records all powered by bicycle.

Over the last year we’ve been trawling friends’ attics, charity shops and Deptford market for 70’s and 80’s vinyl records. We now have a fine collection of records with everything from ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ by the Bangles to ‘Word Up’ by Cameo!

Anyone can come along, choose a record and become a DJ for an afternoon and it’s up to you to pick the right record to keep the cyclists going! The entire installation is powered by bicycle and there are no batteries. So when the pedaling stops, the music stops allowing the audience to effectively ‘vote with their feet’. It’s really great way to get kids involved, especially when many haven’t even seen a record before, never mind getting the opportunity to play one!

We can also provide a space which is adorned with knitted patchwork granny blankets, fairy lights, trinkets, nic-nacs and doilies. Lampshades hang low from the ceiling whilst rugs, blankets and floor cushions provide a soft playground for board games, dancing or simply a little lay down. All of this will aloow you to into our sumptuous 80’s decor.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in having the pedal powered old school disco in your local community or at an event.


One Comment on “EVENT HIRE :: Disco

  1. Just got back from the imagine festival at the southbank where I and my two year-old had the most fun it is possible to have on a Monday lunchtime. we got very hot and excited dancing to Uptown Girl, Word Up, and various by ELO, Depeche Mode and I believe some Kraftwerk slipped in there as well. Thank you for a fantastic time 🙂

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