Electric Pedals is now working with the Unicorn Theatre in London on an exciting new show. Directed by Mark Arends, ‘At the End of Everything Else‘ is performed with puppetry, animation, music, sound and only the collective energy of the team on stage to generate ALL the power needed for the show.

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It’s been a year and a half since we met the Head Teacher, Julia Clark of Horniman Primary School at the Green Man Festival. Julia had this big idea to build a bicycle powered radio station in the school playground. Read More

We’re were really happy to have helped to Make Hackney Sparkle for Christmas. Our Cycle Cinema was  one event featured in Destination Hackney‘s Make Hackney Sparkle. It’ll be the first time that we’ve ever performed the BIG Cycle Cinema inside a church and the beautiful St. John’s at Hackney was amazing. Read More

Just returned from Berlin having been to the premier of Atmen (or ‘Lungs’ in english) at the Schaubühne International. Directed by Katie Mitchell, ‘the play is about population growth and climate change and the way these two factors make it very tricky when you’re young and thinking about having a baby and you care about the world’.

Electric Pedals built all of the kit used to provide ALL the power for the play. The two main performers physically produce the energy used to light them during the show. Other performers produce the all energy for the the sound equipment, video projection (which displays an increasing population counter), the house lights and other ambient lighting.

Direction Katie Mitchell
Stage and costume design Chloe Lamford
Sound design Ben und Max Ringham
Dramaturgy Nils Haarmann
Light design Jack Knowles
With Christoph GawendaLucy Wirth

All photographs in this post  by Stephen Cummiskey.

Two years of pedaling and several field trips to Africa has produced our Backpack Cinema, the smallest human powered cinema in the world. It uses the energy from just one person to show films to hundreds in the remotest parts of the world.

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