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Our Big Cycle Cinema uses the energy from 20 adults and children pedaling to provide a cinematic performance for an audience of up to a 1000. You can have an outdoor cinema anywhere… parks, rooftops and playgrounds.

The Big Cycle Cinema is a great way to brings people together to share an amazing experience and develop a stronger sense of community. The idea is that the audience can bring their own bicycles (we’ll bring a few too) to the event and these will be used to generate the necessary power. Anyone can have a go. All you will need to supply is a film of your choice, event production and of course an audience. We supply and manage all of power, audio and visual equipment. We continually monitor the event during the performance to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The Big Cycle Cinema is designed to also designed educate and entertain. All the electricity for the performance is produced by the cyclists alone. There are no batteries. Having generating their own energy, participants will be encourage to think a little about their own energy consumption and hopefully make a small step change to reducing it and give a little hug to the planet at the same time.

We Supply:

  • 3500 lumen projector, 1200W PA, DVD Player, mixer, 4m wide screen
  • 20x bicycle generation equipment, scaffold bus boards, power management and cabling
  • 12x adult and 4x children’s bicycles
  • 2-3x technical support staff
  • Hire Vehicle
  • Public liability insurance

You supply:

  • Film and film license (budget £0 to £200 plus VAT, depending on the film).
  • 3-4 Adult bicycles (please see here for a bicycle specification)
  • Event logistics, management, marketing etc.
  • Contingency plan in case of rain. This could be a large marquee or indoor space.

Notes: We cannot not operate directly in rain due to sensitive equipment and loss of friction preventing power generation. We cannot erect our 4m screen in high winds. We have a backup small bicycle powered system that can be used in a small venue or marquee in the case of inclement conditions.

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